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Andújar, Our City

We represent a monumental, dynamic and very culturally developed city. We presume to be a mass media group for the almost forty thousand inhabitants that lives intensely for what it supports and takes part in. Palaces of great monumental and historical presence, corners full of life where a good part of our history resides; religious temples that are a reference of styles and periods, in whose walls we can find altarpieces, paintings and imagery; archaeological, painting, sculpture and car museums, the last being a responsibility of Del Val brothers, two very important people in car and motorbike history in Spain.

The astonishing surroundings of a mountain range that has landscapes and life coming from its flora and fauna, is unique for giving refuge to extraordinary and endangered species, such as the Iberian lynx, which lives in the nature reserve "Sierra de Andújar," and it has found its perfect habitat and, due to this, nowadays there are over 100 specimens. We cannot forget Guadalquivir river, which is very important in the history of the city and of Andalusia. In relation to the oil, the liquid gold of this city, the oil of the olive, is perfectly represented by companies that, using exclusively traditional methods and virgin extractions, is consumed in many places. A detail: the National Football Team incorporated it in its diet in the Korea World Cup.

Regarding its popular customs, there is the pilgrimage in honor of the Virgen de la Cabeza, patron saint of the city and of the diocese of Jaen, which has its sanctuary 32 kilometres from the city and where more than five hundred thousand people congregate during the last weekend of April, it is one of the biggest attractions of the known pilgrimages in our country and where the celebration is also guaranteed. Calderón de la Barca and Miguel de Cervantes talk about it in some of their books and it is verified that it is the first pilgrimage of which there is known proven information that it has been celebrated since before recorded history in Spain. In respects to Easter and Holy Week, those who take part in the celebrations emphasize and display their devotion and passion. Naturally, the statues and idols that go in procession in the streets have their own history as well as an incalculable value. They take care of every single detail and Easter has more prestige every year.

Situated close to the dual highway of Andalusia (Nacional IV), Andújar renews every day its commitment and welcomes hundreds of people who search amongst its inhabitants the friendship and the peace of which they are known for. The gastronomic variety, as bountiful as delicious, has its focus in the meats of the mountain range and in the vegetables and the fruits of its garden. Its dishes, therefore, are based on products of first quality, ecological and healthy: carne de monte, paté de perdíz, lomo de orza, solomillo and escalopines de ciervo... The dishes are rooted in the garden of yesteryear and those that can be found in the menus of the most prestigious restaurants of the city correspond to old home made recipes, cared for with taste and affection. Talking about food, Andújar has been, since always, a city that has had simple and extraordinary dishes. Judías blancas con perdíz, or flamenquines, or carne de monte, or patatas en adobillo, or gazpacho prepared with our oil and with our vegetables, have served for years to nourish thousands of people who came here.

Hospital with all the basic services and with one hundred beds, notary’s office, land registry office, banks and cash dispensers, bus services, a great commercial area close to the highway, hundreds of establishments dedicated to the most diverse jobs, dealers, sport centres, pitches, gliding schools and parapente, companies of organized hunting... Here we make yachts and sailboats, and nurseries and plants to adorn gardens in Spain. We also have people who work with ceramics. Examples of this work are the “jarra del estudiante” and “jarra grotesca” and they are represented in many places in the world. We are also exporters of Spanish breed horses. Great number of riding schools and a stock of studs keep horses of great purity and value. The most common display of horse riding is in the “romería” or pilgrimage, when thousands of them walk in the city the days beforehand and then ride the way towards the sanctuary of the Virgen de la Cabeza to express their adoration.

Our honey, proceeding from the nature reserve, is a sample of passion for our culture, of dedication to the pure and the ecological. Many industries are represented in Andújar, which gives character to its inhabitants. Furniture that travels to countries as distant as Australia, Saudi Arabia or Russia; yachts and sailboats that cross the seas of the world; olive oil that benefits the health of those who consume it; ceramics that adorn corners in the houses of those who love purity; craftsmen and craftswomen of “enea” that provide rest to kings and princes... The traditions of our city are entwined with the religious, with flamenco, with the roots of bullfighting that are formed by famous bullfighters…

People from Andújar, because of all this, are their best cultural heritage. Thanks to their devotion, to their solidarity, the city walks without impediment towards socioeconomic positions that assure its quality of life and well-being. For those who look for tranquility during their leisure time, landscapes to discover, culture to expand their experiences, history to incorporate into their works, passions to improve their knowledge related to humanity, Andújar has a lot to contribute and tell. And for those who like food, it has been said that we are an example for the world.

Andújar well worth a visit. Andújar is much more.

Juan Parras García

Edita Radio Andújar S.L.U

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